giovedì 19 giugno 2008

The ........ "Mickey Mouse Code"

"Pulling back the sleeve of his jacket he checked his watch - a vintage, collector's edition Mickey Mouse wristwatch that had been a gift from his parents on his tenth birthday. Although its juvenile dial often drew odd looks, Langdon never owned any other watch ; Disney animation had been his first introduction to the magic of form and color and Mickey now served as Langdon's daily reminder to stay young at hearth ....
'Interesting watch' Sophie said."
(The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown, 2003)

(Tom Hanks features Robert Langdon wearing a Bradley Mickey Mouse from the '70s)

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Blogger nitin ha detto...

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Blogger Johnson Decruz ha detto...

This rhyme/song starts out (something along the lines of):

There was a little old lady who swallowed a fly
Why oh why did she swallow a fly
Perhaps she'll die.

There was a little old lady who swallowed a spider
why oh why did she swallow a spider
perhaps it will wiggle around inside of her.

I think it goes on with different things the little old lady swallowed, and I'm sure these are not the exact lyrics.
Can anyone give me a link, or cut and paste the lyrics?

Nursery Rhymes Lyrics

5 novembre 2015 00:14  
Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

Do any real words rhyme with Orange?

Pepa Pig Let it Snow Finger Family

1 gennaio 2016 03:37  

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